Tentacle Trauma

by Brother Octopus

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Sea creatures, aliens, and dinosaurs are just some of the things that make up the world of Tentacle Trauma, the newest release from the Canadian duo Brother Octopus. Consisting of Brother Octopus and Lady Friend, these two have created a sound so unique that you fall immediately in love with it. The music is so refreshing and original the only problem I can see is that it is an EP. No real worries though, because you just play it again. From the aquatic to the celestial, Tentacle Trauma is an experience not to be missed.

“Introduction” seduces the listener with the calming sounds of the deep ocean and lures one into a state of calm before the heavier beats start and Brother Octopus introduces himself with style, displaying his creative and humorous musical talents. “Recreational Zoo” has such a refreshing sound and Lady Friend’s voice is hypnotically soothing. These two complement each other incredibly well. The music creates an atmosphere that is both awe inspiring and a bit frightening. This is the trip to the zoo that you never got to go on as a child. “Boogie Boogie” is pretty sweet song for dancing, which is appropriate given the title. I wonder if they are thinking of creating their own dance for it. I bet it would be as surreal as the music.

“Alien Invasion” is an absolutely delightful song that is magical in its presentation. They do a great job of incorporating familiar alien sounds into the music. “Jurassic Park” is the kind of song that will bring a smile to your face. It is hilarious and might make a wave of nostalgia wash over you. It is an absurd song that is hard not to like, which would be a good description of this EP in general. “The Electric Chair” shows a slower and more serious side to Brother Octopus, while still retaining their trademark tongue-in-cheek humor. Capping it all off is the hilarious “Bonus Track.” This is the best bonus track that you will ever hear.

Tentacle Trauma by Brother Octopus is most pleasant and fun album that I have listened to all year. Here is a group that truly loves what they do and it comes through in their work every inch of the way. They are clearly enjoying themselves and that energy and enthusiasm transfers to the listener like lightning to a tower. Tentacle Trauma will brighten up your day. More please.


released November 27, 2012



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Brother Octopus Edmonton, Alberta

Brother Octopus isn't your typical cephalopod, he sometimes has the ability to take a human form and create musical compositions. Originally from the Pacific Ocean, Brother Octopus has assembled a team in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The band consists of Little Guppy, Golden Boy, Dogfish, New Guy and of course, Brother Octopus himself. ... more


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